Wednesday, May 22, 2013


What's up?

I just thought about how easy my life is. Look at the Youtubers' 'Draw My Life' videos, nearly all of them have a sad middle. I have decided to stop caring about how many people look at my blog and just not care about anything bad. Except for ad things that happen like the earthquake in Oklahoma, I should PROBABLY care about that. But what I mean is that life's about taking chances and if you don't take chances... you're probably boring. I'm probably sounding pretty bring right now but HEY! I'm planning on spending my 3rd year of secondary school in Sweden! I want to go there without my parents, just living at my BFF's house, getting my Swedish grades. Then I plan to go to a boarding school for High school, either live at the school or rent an apartment (Also with my BFF) I think it's going to be epic! So HEY! Does it really matter how many people read my blog? No! Though it would be fun... The only thing that matters is that I, myself enjoy it. If I didn't enjoy it, why would I do this then? Exactly. BYE ALL FLUFFY UNICORNS!!!!!!!!! xD My friend drew this BTW!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Am I boring? I just wanna know... Should I write about my life more? :/ I went to church today! :D Right now I'm watching Yu-Gi-Oh and before that I was watching Pokemon. Tomorrow is Monday again. I kind of like school, my favourite subjects are History and Math. This is just a quick thing just so it wouldn't be ages until I posted something again.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Felt like it...

Hi guys....
I felt like posting something again.... An hour later! What's your favourite sport? Mine is basketball and football! It can be pretty confusing at times, you know when you play football and then start playing basketball straight after? Should I do tags and stuff even though it's a blog? I've wanted to do Youtube videos for some time but my mother won't let me because she thins people will stalk me... Well that's just mums for ya! I have been ill today! It was annoying because I wanted to go to church -_- I missed the filming thingy majingy!!! Oh I forgot... I asked one of my favourite Youtubers if he could check out this blog and he said he would.... I'm  not excited...  not at all.... Who am I kidding? I have a right to be excited don't I? xD Doritos... My brother is funny and my sister is watching Food Network. Am I boring? I'm sorry if I'm boring! Oh, oh, oh, oh! I'm going to visit my friend in Sweden soon she's the girl that I do the Forever Alone blog with... Well kind of used to xD Oh!!! That Youtuber I was talking about is called ThatMelvilleGuy so please check him out because he is really worth your precious time! Like, really! Here's a picture of an alligator... Alligators are pretty sexy...

Thank you, foovers!

Hi all you foovers!

I just checked how many people look at this blog and I was so, so, so happy with the result! It's 24 of you Foovers in total!!! If you're reading this, comment your Twitter name below (if you want) and I'll follow you, how would that go? :) Hope you Foovers have a great day! Oh yeah! I want topost a picture of myself.... would you guys like that??? Comment below what you want me to blog about and I can mention you guys in posts and stuff! Again, thank you guys SO much!
Ireland - 11
Germany - 3
USA - 9
Indonesia - 1
Terima kasih, Thank you and Danke! Love you guys! MWAH!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fruits Basket

Hey all you Foovers out there!

I want to share an awesome manga/anime with you all! It's called Fruits Basket, as shown from the title! It is awesome! It's about this girl called Torhu Honda and she discovers a terrible secret about the Sohma family! Yuki Sohma and 'Sensei' found her living in a tent on family ground so they let her live at their house! Oh yes! There's my favourite character in it too, Kyo-kun! He's awesome! Here's the link if you want to read it: and here's the link if you don't like reading and you just want to watch it: I want you to read it or watch it because you have to! This is Kyo everyone!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Is it just me or...

Hi you people that don't exist, welcome to my blog!

Today I thought I would do an Is it just me or... thingy. I don't care if it's meant for Youtube!!!
Is it just me or do people think I'm weird?
Is it just me or are unicorns sexy?
Is it just me or do kids grow up too fast nowadays?
Is it just me or are wannabe girls annoying?
Is it just me or is nobody reading this blog?
Is it just me or are 'fatter' girls prettier than super skinny girls? (I'm not lesbian by the way)
Is it just me or are ninjas super awesome?
Is it just me or is Japan the most amazing country of all time?
Is it just me or are elder brothers super awesome?
Is it just me or are little sisters annoying (at times..)?
Is it just me or is Skyrim super cool?
Is it just me or am I funny???

Thank you guyzzzzz! BOIIII! #Swag

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hey, it's YOEY!

I know that I might be named Frida but I'm actually YOEY! from !! So, I just decided that I wanted to make a blog by myself with my real name underlined in neon green! I want to make YouTube videos and get to know Carrie Fletcher because she's awesome! But with the YouTube thing, I don't really have the courage to start because I'm just like (nearly, so close to) thirteen! People usually start when they're like fourteen and I don't want to seem like a twelve year old looking for attention, I just want to do what I want to do! So, if you want to give me the courage to press the record button and speak in front of the camera all day, please do because it would be appreciated! Alright, I'm going to stop typing now so my hands don't die from tomuchexercisesly! Bye!!