Wednesday, May 22, 2013


What's up?

I just thought about how easy my life is. Look at the Youtubers' 'Draw My Life' videos, nearly all of them have a sad middle. I have decided to stop caring about how many people look at my blog and just not care about anything bad. Except for ad things that happen like the earthquake in Oklahoma, I should PROBABLY care about that. But what I mean is that life's about taking chances and if you don't take chances... you're probably boring. I'm probably sounding pretty bring right now but HEY! I'm planning on spending my 3rd year of secondary school in Sweden! I want to go there without my parents, just living at my BFF's house, getting my Swedish grades. Then I plan to go to a boarding school for High school, either live at the school or rent an apartment (Also with my BFF) I think it's going to be epic! So HEY! Does it really matter how many people read my blog? No! Though it would be fun... The only thing that matters is that I, myself enjoy it. If I didn't enjoy it, why would I do this then? Exactly. BYE ALL FLUFFY UNICORNS!!!!!!!!! xD My friend drew this BTW!